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Social Innovation Tournament


The Social Innovation Tournament is the flagship initiative of the Institute’s Social Programme.


Artists’ Development Programme


A unique opportunity for emerging artists to develop their practice at the highest level during a month-long residency in Luxembourg under the mentorship of an internationally acclaimed artist.

Research funding


We channel support, mainly through grants or sponsorships to higher education and research activities, particularly in the field of applied economics within Europe.

Who we are

The EIB Institute was set up within the EIB Group (European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund) to promote initiatives for the common good in Europe, mostly in EU Member States.


Join our Events

The Institute regularly organises events. Everyone is welcome, and there is no entry fee.


Companies are from Mars, NGOs are from Venus

              Kim Van Niekerk – Coffee House Initiative                   Why do companies and NGOs often find it so difficult to interact in a meaningful way? “Because they don’t...
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Sarcasm increases creativity

              Li Huang – INSEAD         “Sarcasm is considered the highest form of intelligence (Oscar Wilde) and, under certain conditions, it can increase creativity in the workplace for both...
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Seminar “From the ‘City’ to social finance”

The EIB Institute is pleased to invite you to the upcoming seminar under its ”Midday goes social” series “From the ‘City’ to Social Finance” by James Fairweather, CEO, Big Issue Invest. To see the invitation please click here and to register please fill in...
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When inclusive finance works

A microloan of €1,000 can transform a someone’s life. The loan from microStart, a Belgian microfinance provider, helped Joan Arrias, start her pedicure business. In a year, she managed to establish herself with a reliable clientele, to be registered as a podiatrist by...
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Inequality and… ? Lecture on “Inequality and the great Gatsby curve”

The EIB Institute is partnering with the University of Luxembourg, and others in organising a series of lectures under the general theme of “Inequality and …?” Follow the link for more information. The next lecture on the series will take place on 21 June at 13:00 at...
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