The EIB Institute, which was created as part of the EIB Group on 1 January 2012, is dedicated to promoting European Union (EU) objectives by supporting ‘European initiatives for the common good’. With the support of its partners and the Friends of the Institute network, the Institute is a catalyst for social, cultural, educational and [...]

Mission & Strategy


The EIB Group believes that ‘Europe’ has a positive impact on the life of its citizens every day. As the ‘bank of the European Union’ the EIB Group places corporate responsibility at the core of its

Governance & Management


The Supervisory Board lays down general guidelines for the strategy, objectives and operational activities of the Institute, its Committees and subcommittees. Chairperson of the Supervisory…


The EIB Institute’s vision and mission has been cascaded into three flagship Programmes.



The Knowledge Programme aims at channelling support, mainly through grants or sponsorship, to higher education and research activities, particularly in the field of applied economics within Europe.



Through its Social Programme, the EIB Institute is committed to acting as a catalyst for economic and social development within the EU Member States.


Arts & Culture

The EIB Institute recognises the value of the arts and culture as an integral part of both effective community engagement and corporate social responsibility. At the heart of the Institute’s mission is the belief that the arts and culture can be a powerful catalyst, in particular for relational and intellectual development, which is important for economic progress and social cohesion in the EU. Art is a unique source of dialogue, offering an extraordinary repertoire for learning, exploring, experimenting, interpreting the present and building the future.