Who We Are


The EIB Institute promotes initiatives for the common good in Europe, mostly in EU Member States


Guy Clausse (EIBI), Carlo Mango (Fondazione Cariplo), Sir Christopher Pissarides (LSE),HRH The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Philippe de Fontaine-Vive (EIB Vice-President), Maria Nowak (ADIE International)(from left to right)at the Bord meeting on February,2,2015

The Strategic Advisory Board lays down general guidelines for the strategy, objectives and operational activities of the Institute.

Social Programme


Through its Social Programme, the EIB Institute is committed to acting as a catalyst for economic and social development, and social cohesion within the EU Member States.

Knowledge Programme

knowledge programme

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna from Pisa (Italy) won the EIBURS research grant 2015 on How can larger organisations also be innovative organisations.

Arts & Culture Programme

Arts 4

The EIB Institute recognises the value of the arts and culture as an integral part of both effective community engagement and corporate social responsibility.

European Debates

D. Ottolenghi bandeau

Read the new issue of European Debates: “Digital sovereignty: Europe at a crossroads”, by Viviane Reding, MEP.

Social Innovation Tournament


Call for proposals for 2016 Social Innovation Tournament: submit your proposal by 15 march 2016!

EIB Prize


Sir Anthony Atkinson (Oxford and the LSE) and Benjamin Moll (Princeton University) are the winners of the 2015 EIB Prize

Artists’ Development Programme

Arts 4

Call for applications for the Artists’ Development Programme 2016 have started!