Werner Hoyer, the President of the European Investment Bank Group (the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund),  and Jörg Monar, the Rector of College of Europe, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the fields of academic research, teaching, training and other cooperation.

The MoU calls for joint research activities and seminars on topics of interest to the EIB and the College of Europe. Teaching at the College of Europe by EIB staff in areas of competence of the EIB (investment projects and their financing, European policies, economics, law or global issues..) will be encouraged as well as training activities mutually beneficial to College of Europe students and to EIB staff.

The College of Europe is the world’s first university institute of postgraduate studies and training in European affairs with a campus in Bruges, Belgium and in Natolin, Poland.It was founded in 1949 by leading European figures, such as Salvador de Madariaga, Winston Churchill, Paul-Henri Spaak and Alcide De Gasperi, in the wake of the Hague Congress of 1948.

The EIB Institute manages the cooperation agreements (partnerships, MoUs..) of the EIB Group with universities. This is the second MoU signed in 2015 after the one with Sciences Po in January.