From left to right: Daniel Fernàndez Pascual,Chiara Bugatti, Darren Almond, Astrid Myntekær, Alon Schwabe, Delphine Munro,Johan Österholm


“Settings for poetical assumptions”, Chiara Bugatti



“To Stop Working For Pay Is To Pay To Stop Working”, Alon Schwabe & Daniel Fernàndez Pascual




“Loner,Lover, Loser”, Astrid Myntekær


“A River Cuts Through It”, Johan Österholm


Artists Chiara Bugatti (Italy), the duo Cooking Sections -Daniel Fernàndez Pascual (Spain) and Alon Schwabe, (Germany)-, Astrid Myntekær (Denmark) and Johan Österholm ( Sweden) unveiled the works created during their residency in Luxembourg under the framework of the Institute’s Artists’ Development Programme (ADP) mentored by British visual artist Darren Almond.

Chiara Bugatti -who won the thematic focus residency on “The Imprint of Man – Representing the Anthropocene”- created an installation called “Setting for poetical assumptions”.

Daniel Fernàndez Pascual and Alon Schwabe -who won the thematic focus residency on “Water and Ocean Preservation”– created “Speculations on disappererance” and “To stop working for pay is to pay to stop working”.

Astrid Myntekær and Johan Österholm -who won the geographic focus residency targeting artists from Finland, Poland, Scandinavian and Baltic countries- created respectively “Loner, Lover, Loser”, “Palmstroke, 2016” and “A river cuts through it”.

The artists had the opportunity to present their works during three different events targeting successively the EIB staff, museum directors, gallerists and collectors