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The EIB Institute was set up within the EIB Group (European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund) to promote and support socialcultural, and academic initiatives with European stakeholders and the public at large. It is a key pillar of the EIB Group’s community and citizenship engagement.




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Webinar on leading systemic change

What does the buzzword "Systems Change" mean? How can it be related to social entrepreneurs? What is the real challenge dimension of addressing the root causes of social problems, the components and structures that cause the system to behave in a certain way? Can we...

Seminar on “Measuring microfinance impact in the EU”

What impact do microfinance and welfare programmes have on financial and social inclusion in Europe? And which ensure the best value for money? On Thursday 7 November 2019, from 13:00 to 14:00 (European Investment Bank, room WKI 3025) Professor Francesco Timpano,...

Heartstrings: From a tragedy to a lifesaving technology

Click here to learn how the Mohammadi brothers, Max and Allen (right), founders of Heartstrings, one of the past winners of the EIB Institute's annual Social Innovation Tournament, made finding a solution for predicting heart attacks their life’s mission, saving a...

Inequality and … Lecture on “Inequality and pain”

When? Tuesday 5 November 2019, starting at 13:00   The EIB Institute is partnering with the University of Luxembourg, and others in organising a series of lectures under the general theme of “Inequality and …?” Follow the link for more information. The...

Glowee: Illuminated by glowing life from the sea

Click here to learn how Sandra Rey, CEO of Glowee, one of the past winners of the EIB Institute's annual Social Innovation Tournament, created an industry for light that needs no electricity. Turn on the glowing sea bacteria! Click here to read all previous stories.