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EIB Art collection: New Acquisitions 2023

The EIB Art collection has been enriched this year by the acquisition of 17 new works by 15 artists including both established names as well as emerging talent. The works will be presented during an internal exhibition “There is a crack in everything… that’s how the...

Head of the Institute receives Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award

Shiva Dustdar, Director, Head of the EIB institute, was presented the Global Inspiring Women Worldwide Award this week at the WINConference in Rome. WIN selected Shiva Dustdar because she operates with feminine values like being authentic,  approachable, while...

Call for nominations for 7 Most Endangered 2024 extended to 30 September!

The call for nominations for the 7 Most Endangered 2024 has been launched!

Celebrating 10 years of protecting heritage

Cultural heritage is key to our European identity. Without it, economic growth would be meaningless. It has a cohesive power that connects European people and communities.

Over the past 10 years, as this new publication highlights, the 7 Most Endangered programme has been helping European communities save historical sites.

Campaign supported by Institute wins European Parliament Citizen’s Prize

A Luxembourg-based campaign to deliver ambulances and generators to Ukraine, supported by an EIB donation, has been awarded the European Parliament Citizen's Prize for Luxembourg. Awarded every year by the European Parliament, the prize goes to projects organised by...