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Artists’ Development Programme 2017 winners have arrived in Luxembourg!


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We are funding academic research under our EIBURS and STAREBEI programmes. Check the results on our research map!


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The EIB Institute was set up within the EIB Group (European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund) to promote initiatives for the common good in Europe, mostly in EU Member States.



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The Institute regularly organises events. Everyone is welcome, and there is no entry fee.


Inequality and …? Lecture on “Inequality and economic history”

When? Thursday 12 October 2017, starting at 13:00 The EIB Institute is partnering with the University of Luxembourg, and others in organising a series of lectures under the general theme of “Inequality and …?” Follow the link for more information. The next lecture on...
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Seminar on “Mobilising finance for climate change”

When? Wednesday 27 September 2017, 13.00-14.00 Join us for our upcoming seminar on “Mobilising finance for climate change" with Jim Skea, Imperial College, London, co-chair of Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) Working Group III ("Mitigation of Climate...
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Financing social enterprises in Portugal

What are the challenges that Social Enterprises in Portugal are faced with regarding access to financing, which is a critical factor for their development?   The Institute commissioned a report from Quaternaire and Laboratorio de investimento social to answer this...
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Registrations open: Presentation on “Financiamento de organizações com missão social em Portugal: principais desafios”

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EIB Institute supports ERSA Congress

The EIB Institute is supporting the 57th ERSA (European Regional Science Association) Congress "Social Progress for Resilient Regions" to be held from 29 August to 1 September 2017 in Groningen, The Netherlands, and in which EIB Vice-President Pim van Ballekom will...
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