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EIB Climate Survey: Most young jobseekers care about firms’ climate impact

Most young people in Europe (76%) care about companies’ climate credentials before applying for a job with 22% of people aged 20-29 saying that the climate impact of prospective employers is a top priority when job hunting, according to the findings of the second part...

7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites 2023 announced on 13 April

The list of the 7 Most Endangered heritage sites in Europe will be announced on 13 April. Join us for the online announcement!

Preserving Garden City La Butte Rouge (France)

How to preserve from destruction the Garden City La Butte Rouge in Chatenay-Malabry near Paris listed on the 7 Most Endangered 2022 ? A technical report by 7ME experts is available

Mental health: What is resilience, anyway? 20 April

Most of us think we’re pretty resilient, but working around the clock on a passion project, often in isolation, can be stressful in all kinds of subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways. In this webinar you’ll meet The Mind Field’s team of therapists, and engage in lively discussion about mental resilience — what it looks like, what it doesn’t look like, and how to find some.

Senegal88: students discover music’s liberating power!

Dozens of high school students from impoverished areas of Dakar in Senegal are discovering the liberating power of music thanks to the action of Senegal88, a project supported by the EIB Institute.