s55_0614The selection process is underway for the 2017 Social Innovation Tournament: our EIB Group experts are reviewing 308 applications submitted for projects from 31 countries across Europe. They will choose 15 finalists to compete on 21 September in Riga, Latvia.

This year saw the highest number of applications submitted for projects from Spain (12%), followed closely by Italy (10%) and the United Kingdom (10%). A record 27 applications was submitted for projects from Latvia, where this year’s final event is taking place, more than has ever been received before from a Baltic nation. The high number of applications from Portugal (22 applications) meant that it was the fifth largest submitter.

This year’s Special Category prizes will be awarded to projects focusing on ageing (21% of submissions). Other top sectors represented among the submissions and competing for the General Category prizes were education and youth (19%), health (11%), inclusion (11%) and employment (8%).

The 15 finalists will be announced by 30 April.