“The protein challenge of 2050: develop an insect-based superfood to fully exploit the potential of insect proteins to substitute meat and vegetables and change our eating habits.” This was the challenge that 50 students aged 16-19 from Luxembourg-based high schools had to solve at the EIB last Wednesday when the Bank hosted the 12th innovation camp organised by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg.

Over the course of this intensive one-day idea-generating workshop, students formed teams of four or five and looked for innovative solutions to overcome this unusual business challenge. The 11 teams then presented their ideas, business plans and marketing strategies (in Luxembourgish or French) to a jury composed of current and former EIB staff.

First prize went to the “ReSect” project, proposing to manufacture a 100% organic powder made from grasshoppers. Applying the circular economy concept, the insects would be bred and fed using recycled food waste from supermarkets. Other teams suggested setting up a restaurant offering cooking sessions and thematic evenings to promote insect-based food or creating “Bug Bite” food bars mixing insects and fruit.