AmaranteSocially driven organisations in Portugal lack access to funding but solutions exist to remedy this situation according to a new report  published today and commissioned by the EIB Institute and carried out by the consortium Quaternaire Portugal and Laboratório de Investimento Social.

The results were presented and discussed during a round table on 27 September in Amarante at the headquarters of IRIS – a Regional Social Innovation Incubator fostering regional development through social innovation, recently launched by the EIB Institute and PortusPark.

The Institute supports social innovation and social entrepreneurs working to create societal impact throughout Europe.

Click here for the report in English and in Portuguese with annexes in English and in Portuguese.

Click here for press release in English and in Portuguese.







Margarida Fiúza (moderator), Filipe Almeida Portugal Inovaçao Social







Agostinho Branquinho (Santa Casa da Misericordia do Porto), Filipe Cartaxo (Banco BPI), Pedro Tunes (SPEAK)






Stephan Morais (Investidor), Jaime Vera Calonje (EIF)







António Figuereido (Quaternaire), António Miguel (Laboratório de Investimento Social)