The first EIB seminar dedicated to La Sapienza University Faculty of Economics and Statistics students is starting this week with a seminar by Fulceri Bruni Roccia, Head of the Knowledge Programme at the EIB Institute.

Three other seminars will follow in March and April. They will be taught by Andrea Tinagli, Head of EIB office in Italy, Luca Lazzaroli, Director General, Deputy Head of Operations, EIB and Iliyana Tsanova, Deputy Director General, EFSI.

The Institute organises and coordinates courses provided by EIB Group staff on the EIB’s Group role, missions and activities. A typical course is structured over three or four sessions covering the EIB Group’s (EIB and EIF) role and strategy, financing products or project cycles.

Specific courses may be provided on project finance, microfinance and inclusive financeinfrastructure financing and management. In some cases, courses may be organised at the EIB premises.