Impact investing aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into investment decision-making. But how, especially in Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs)?
The project for the new hospital of Treviso (Northern Italy) offers an interesting case-study of alignment of public and private interests for greater value creation, said Filippo Addarii (PlusValue) and Francesca Medda (UCL) at an EIB Institute seminar. The improved lending terms offered by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to Lendlease, the developer leading the private sector’s consortium in charge of the hospital project, allowed to generate EUR 1.8 million for a new investment vehicle. This vehicle will invest in innovative solutions designed by independent entrepreneurs to increase the quality of public health services for the local community. Already two projects are being studied ans, as Filippo Addarii said, Treviso “could be a reference on how to introduce impact investing in other PPP projects”.
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