The university of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain- Department of applied economic analysis) won the EIBURS research grant 2018 on “Improving the measurement of the indirect effects of investment projects: specifying and calibrating EIA methods to maximise compatibility with CBA” and the university of Bologna (Italy- Department of political science and social studies) won the EIBURS research grant on “The economic effects of a joint European security and defence policy”.

Nine universities or research centres from six countries submitted proposals.

The university of Las Palmas will work together with SLU Umeå (Sweden) and the university of Bologna will work together with university of Groningen and Södertörn University Stockholm.

The EIBURS research grants are part of the Institute’s Knowledge Programme, through which the EIB Group fosters relationships with universities and research institutes.

EIBURS grants are awarded, through a competitive procedure, to university departments or research centres within the EU, the candidate countries or potential candidate countries.

EIBURS provides grants of up to EUR 100 000 per year for three years to research centres working on topics and themes of interest to the Bank’s Group (EIB and EIF).

Thirty-one EIBURS research projects led by 24 universities and research centres from 11 countries have been financed so far.

For more information please also see our research map.