To celebrate the EIB’s 60th anniversary, artworks from its art collection are currently on show in Brussels at the Villa Empain – Boghossian Foundation with the exhibition Beyond Borders – A dialogue based on European Investment Bank masterpieces at the Boghossian Foundation (6 September 2018 – 24 February 2019).

The exhibition explores the theme of borders, resonating with both institutions’ belief in the transformative power of culture and the role art can play to trigger and contribute to a greater dialogue.

The show inevitably raises questions about the value of borders, as a frontier to cross or as a boundary to respect. The selection of art aims to explore both angles. It gives examples of the transcending of frontiers – territorial, intellectual or artistic, while also investigating notions of spatial and visual limitations and confinement. Referring to the relative interpretation of borders and their often politically loaded significance, the exhibition is nonetheless not political in scope and transcends the literal perception of borders, bringing a more poetic and aesthetic touch.

The exhibition is centered around a selection of works by European artists from the EIB art collection, in conversation with pieces by artists from the Middle East and North Africa. The show displays a rich variety of media – paintings, photographs, videos, works on paper, sculptures and installations – and features emblematic contemporary artistic examples, along with more experimental works.

At the request of major stakeholders and to celebrate remarkable achievements brought to fruition by the EU and its counterparts, the EIB Institute has curated several exhibitions, at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens (2011), in the former Church of St Julian (Banco de Portugal) in Lisbon (2014) and in the Municipal Art Gallery in Luxembourg (2015).

Beyond Borders
6 September 2018 – 24 February 2019
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67
B – 1050 Brussels
Open from Tuesday to Sunday
From 11 am until 6 pm