Glowee from France, Speak Social from Portugal, iNex Circular from France, Chrysalix Technologies from the United Kingdom, Sensovida from Spain and  QTrobot Autism Therapy Store from Luxembourg are the winners of the seventh edition of the Social Innovation Tournament organised in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 23 October 2018.

Glowee and Speak Social received the first and second prize in the general category. Glowee was also offered a half-day business-plan fine tuning by EY Transaction Advisory Services in Belgium.

INex Circular and Chrysalix Technologies received the special prize for projects focusing on sustainable development with special emphasis on circular economy.

Sensovida from Spain and QTrobot Autism Therapy Store from Luxembourg were the two winners of the IRIS Residency.

Trigger Systems from Portugal and iNex Circular from France will benefit from the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship programme.

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