In collaboration with Católica-Lisbon, the EIB Institute has developed a series of webinars aimed at social entrepreneurs called “Social Innovation, Scaling, and Impact” (follow the link to see all the webinars). Throughout 2018 and 2019, numerous webinars were organised on topics of interest for social entrepreneurs to help them scale their impact further. The webinars are delivered by international-oriented speakers with deep expertise, in both academia and practice, in social entrepreneurship, fundraising and impact investing.

The webinar on Pitching and Communication with Investors was hosted by Frederico Fezas Vital, social entrepreneur, visionary, teacher of social entrepreneurship and CEO of Junior Achievement Portugal.

When the future of a startup is at stake, one badly assembled slide presentation can prove fatal. The slides used to pitch potential investors are the best – and in many cases only – shot at obtaining the funds it needs. In this webinar, the focus was on how best to communicate a vision, business model and impact model to gain interest and attention from social investors.