The EIB Institute is launching the SITolarship Programme: a new initiative to support high-impact ventures in scaling up their impact.

SITolarships will be open to all Social Innovation Tournament (SIT) Alumni – the entrepreneurs and innovators who have participated in any edition of the Institute’s Social Programme flagship initiatives: the Social Innovation Tournament and the SIT Impact Bootcamp.

SITolarships is a programme that will enable you to attend conferences, training programmes, and investors’ fairs, take part in networking exercises, visit “similar projects” in different countries to exchange experiences, or procure consultancy services to achieve your full potential and build up your human capital.  Although there is no limit, given the total budget available, on average we expect SITolarships not to exceed EUR 5,000 per application.

The main evaluation criteria will be the level of impact the grant would have on the project and the contribution of your solution to addressing a societal and/or environmental problem, so it is necessary to duly justify and explain how participating in the desired activity, exchange, conference, or using consultancy services would benefit your project.

Apply now! Fill in the application form and send it to