In 2018, children in Greece, Venezuelan migrants in Colombia and victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia benefited from EIB donations following humanitarian catastrophes. Eight NGOs received EUR 771 260.

After the devastating fires in Eastern Attica (Greece) in July 2018 which claimed the lives of 99 people, the EIB group, via the EIB Institute, provided a EUR 271 260 donation to the Desmos Foundation in Greece. The funds will be used for the reconstruction of three playgrounds in the Marathonas Municipality, at the heart of the areas afflicted by the fires.Two other donations of EUR 250 000 each went to alleviating the humanitarian impact of the massive influx of migrants from Venezuela into Colombia and to provide emergency relief aid, in particular for child victims of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province in September 2018.

The Institute also channels support to the community by donating IT equipment no longer used by the EIB Group to non-profit organisations, schools or local community centres.

In 2018, 93 schools and non-profit organisations in 18 countries benefited from the donation of 1 396 desktops, laptops, printers and other IT equipment.

In addition, the EIB donated more than 1 000 pieces of used IT equipment to African schools under a partnership with Close the Gap.

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