The EIB has played a major role in helping Italy’s “Mezzogiorno” develop. On Wednesday 20 March at the EIB, researcher Antonio Bonatesta, from the European University Institute (Florence), will present the result of a STAREBEI research project on “The EIB and the “Mezzogiorno” in the context of regional development (1958-1973)” .

Based on EIB archives, the research aimed at reconstructing the important contribution of the EIB in developing the economy of Southern Italy. It reflects the EIB governing bodies’ internal debates  on interventions and economic criteria, the question whether loans were aimed at market-oriented sectors or at public investment projects in infrastructure already supported by national government agencies (or by the IBRD). Also, it looks at how financial institutions operating in the Mezzogiorno influenced the choices of the EIB and sheds light on the discussions between European Community institutions.

The European University Institute’s Historical Archives preserve and make accessible in a central location the archival holdings of the European Union Institutions.

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