This training showed entrepreneurs why their messages lose impact – what they post on their websites, promotional materials, and emails. It helped participants become editors of their own work by identifying language that does not work for their organisation and finding ways to replace it with a high-impact language that helps people clearly understand the mission of the project, and to be motivated to want to contribute.

Participants were also able to assess how the fonts, images, and layouts impact their audiences. They started writing new messages during the session that they were able to take with them and use online, on social networks and other materials they publish regarding their ventures.

Alumni projects that participated in the training:

Blagodarya Center of Suggestopedia
BioCarbon Engineering

The EIB Institute and IRIS promoted training on Powerful Marketing Messages, with the support of Atmosfera M – Associação Mutualista Montepio. The training took place in May 2019 in Porto.

The trainer was Kim van Niekerk.