IRIS (Associação IRISOCIAL Incubadora de Inovação Social)




IRIS provides social start-ups with a supporting and engaging environment and tools to help them benefit from investment opportunities, networks, partnerships and knowledge, notably through hosting of local and international events, establishment of partnerships, workshops and training seminars.

To foster regional development through social innovation, the Institute has launched IRIS (Associação IRISOCIAL Incubadora de Inovação Social), the first Regional Social Innovation Incubator in partnership with EMPIS (Estrutura de Missão Portugal Inovação Social) and Portus Park, and with the support of other partners. Based in Northern Portugal, this European pilot project helps local social businesses to start-up, test and grow by offering them all the necessary conditions for accessing knowledge, networks of partnerships and social investors. IRIS also provides synergies and complementarities with the growing community of social entrepreneurs supported by the Institute through the Social Innovation Tournament.

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