Solar Impulse Foundation




Solar Impulse team labels profitable solutions with a positive impact on the environment in the fields of water, energy, smart city, mobility, industrial innovation, agriculture and circular economy. Once a solution obtains the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, it becomes qualified for further support from investors, resources and potential business opportunities to help it scale its solutions.

23 SIT Alumni, AlgaEnergy, Arborea, BeeOdiversity, Breeze Technologies, CM Fluids, Desolenator, GloweeGoodbag, Helioz (WADI), iNex Circular, IRRIOT, Lixea, MIWA, MycoTEX, Newcy, Nuventura, PlasticFri, Resortecs, ROSI, Seads, Soil Steam International, Usitoo and Wasser 3.0 are labelled as one of the 1,000 solutions.









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