Happy holidays and best wishes for 2020 from the EIB Institute!

A lot happened in 2019. The second Summer School took place with 70 students from seven universities. HeHop (France), Jelly Drops (UK), Fazla Gida (Turkey) and Zouri Shoes (Portugal) were the winners of the Social Innovation Tournament 2019. Pamela Diamante, Karel Koplimets, Darta Sidere and Mark McGuinness were our artists in residence.

We signed a new agreement with the European University Institute and renewed our cooperation with the University of Luxembourg. We signed the Berlin call to action for cultural heritage and we launched a new edition of the 7 Most Endangered heritage sites in Europe.

We showcased our SIT alumni, continued to support financial education and microfinance as well as young researchers, signing our 50th and 51st STAREBEI research contracts, and musical education in Tunisia.

We coordinated EIB donations following catastrophes impacting Southern Africa or rare diseases.

Enjoy the holidays and join us on 22 January 2020 for the first lecture of the New Year on “Inequality and Justice” with Guillermina Jasso, New York University.