“There is no general necessary relation between inequality and justice” said Professor Guillermina Jasso, New York University, at a January lecture at the EIB organised by the EIB Institute and the University of Luxembourg as part of the “Inequality and…?” series.

“Classically, the sense of justice is considered the first line of defence against inequality”, she added but the link between the two can be positive, negative or non-existent. And if such a link does not exist then “the sense of justice would not awaken to exert its moral suasion no matter how great the inequality or how fast it increases”.

Using a justice evaluation function, she described how both inequality and justice rest on a secure mathematical foundation and concluded that “a just society has a mixed government where the distribution of goods is by the many, and distribution of bads by the few”.

This seminar inaugurated the 2020 series of “Inequality and…. “. The next seminars will be held on 11 February with Roberto Galbiati (Sciences Po) on “Inequality and politics” (click here to register) and on 10 March with Lidia Ceriani (Georgetown University) on “Inequality and the SDGs”.

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