The EIB Institute is organising a new webinar on 26 March, hosted by Kim van Niekerk.
It wasn’t enough that you wanted to launch a business, but you just insisted on making the world a better place by doing so, didn’t you?  In making business do good, you are likely taking on a challenge that traditional business felt it couldn’t solve, or didn’t have the energy to solve. So welcome to one of the most rewarding but also draining career paths you could have chosen! You amazing person, you! To support you on your challenge, we wanted to share with you some mindfulness tips to tackle stress and build resilience. Join us on this webinar and find out more as we take you through the science backed evidence that shows us the impact mindfulness can have on you and your work. We will also introduce you to three simple and powerful techniques that train your brain to focus and deepen concentration, improve your communication skills and reduce stress. Whether you are brand new to the concept of mindfulness or you are an experienced practitioner that wants the company of some great social entrepreneurs as you practice some mindfulness, you are welcome to share this time together and pick up techniques that entrepreneurs are using around the globe to work as their best selves.


March 26, 2020 from 17:00 to 18:00 (CET)

There are a limited number of 100 places in this webinar.


About Kim van Niekerk
Kim van Niekerk. Kim is a leading educator and coach in creating communication and fundraising mindsets and is a faculty member of the EIB Social Innovation Tournament and a lecturer at the Institute of Fundraising in the UK. She is also a Fellow of the RSA and partner at the collective intelligence community, Liminal.