Impact measurement and management (IMM) remains a significant challenge for social entrepreneurs around the world. As part of its Social Programme, the Institute has recently launched an online course on Impact Measurement & Management developed exclusively for Social Innovation Tournament (SIT) alumni by InFocus, a social impact consultancy firm. This course is open to all SIT alumni ventures with as many members as desired, including volunteers.

The course was launched in early March 2020, and will last until May. It includes three stand-alone levels – Introduction, Foundation and Builder – depending on the level of knowledge of the alumni and what they are aiming for. The three e-Learning courses run for more than 30 hours online and include 20 hours of online tutorials, covering IMM topics in a fun and engaging way using videos, articles, interactive exercises and case studies. Users also have the option to join forums and live tutorials to interact with experienced course tutors and other learners from around the world who are tackling societal issues. There are currently more than 120 people registered for the course.