To keep up the spirit of the EIB Summer School where selected graduate students from EU universities learn about the activities of the EIB Group, the EIB Institute is launching a dedicated programme for all the Alumni.

The Programme is reserved for all previous students of the EIB Summer School as well as the 2020 cohort. It aims to create among these potential future stakeholders of the EIB Group a community of ambassadors of the European Union’s mission.

The Programme will offer the Alumni opportunities to further and strengthen the dynamic of the EIB Summer School by organising meaningful conversations related to the EIB Group’s mission and development.

The first initiative is a seminar series on ‘’The role of the EIB Group in the current pandemic crisis”. Beginning at the end of May 2020, experts from the EIB Group will share insights on the EIB Group’s response to the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis from various angles: strategy, operations, finance, credit risk and health investment policy. There will be six interactive sessions during which participants will not only listen but also actively discuss among themselves and with the expert speakers.