The EIB Institute is hosting a series of four webinars on financial management for social entrepreneurs: “From start up to scale up”.

Thomas Ferré, from the European Investment Fund’s Mandate Management – Equity team and a former social entrepreneur himself with a previous career in venture capital, will answer any questions you may have on understanding debt vs equity and your capital structure as a social entrepreneur looking to raise funds.

He will walk you through the main steps to value your company and will offer insight on how often you should raise capital.

He will help you decide on how best to frame your business model and explain its scalability to investors. Lastly, he will help you avoid the death traps that make so many start ups fail by highlighting a few simple financial key performance indicators (KPIs).

We will kick off on 28 May with the first webinar on “The capital structure and how it affects fundraising”. To register for the first webinar click here, and to register for the other webinars click on the links below.

Step 1: The capital structure and how it affects your fundraising (28 May)

What to know about debt, equity and your capital structure before talking to a venture capital investor

Step 2: Fundraising valuation (3 June)

What to know about how to value a high-risk, low-profit, huge-potential company before talking to a venture capital investor

Step 3: Business model (10 June)

How to frame your business model’s scalability in a simple way, before raising your next round

Step 4: Killer financial KPIs (17 June)

How to stop bad financial management from killing a good company; overview of essential financial KPIs