The EIB Institute is launching a call for proposal for a new EIBURS research grant on the topic:

The EIB Group Strategy on Gender and Women’s Economic Empowerment (GS) aimed to embed gender equality and women’s economic empowerment into the EIB Group’s activities both inside and outside the EU took effect in January 2017. This reseach will try to answer two main questions:
i) In which ways can improvements, generated through infrastructure investments (e.g. public transport or affordable housing), to women’s access to productive resources (such as finance, land and other natural resources) and economic opportunities (decent jobs) enhance their economic resilience and well-being?
ii) based on which transversal indicators can the EIB most effectively estimate the possible differential effects of infrastructure investments on women and men and ensure that the projects’ outcomes will address existing gender gaps? In particular, is the time poverty dimension an appropriate indicator?

Researchers will need to provide a conceptual framework, develop a research hypothesis and carry out an empirical study. The latter will focus on one specific infrastructure project and set the stage for a rigorous impact evaluation of the socioeconomic impact and improvements in women’s economic resilience and well-being. The research work will include appropriate data collection mechanisms (qualitative and quantitative), build a relevant database and identify the optimal design to establish a counterfactual. In addition, it will carry out rigorous statistical analysis on the baseline.

EIBURS provides grants to EU based universities and research centres working on research topics of major interest to the EIB Group. Sponsorships -of up to EUR 100 000 per year for a period of three years- are awarded through a competitive process to interested university departments or research centres  with recognised expertise in the selected area.

Proposals should be submitted in English by 30 September 2020 24:00 (CET) to: Proposals submitted after this date will not be considered.