Björn Bronger

“Our understanding of living in such a unique, diverse and beautiful world should be guided by honour and respect. Awareness and protection of our environment, equality of humankind and leaving no one behind are the guiding principles in an ever closer and more interconnected future.”

Main area of expertise: Project finance (including PPP), structured finance, investment loans and collateralisation.

Secondary area of expertise: International relations with a focus on international organisations, international financial policy and international administrative law.

Björn Bronger works as Legal Counsel in the legal department responsible for finance operations. He has extensive experience in project finance and structured finance products, and is a true believer in the mission of the EIB. Before joining the EIB Group, he worked at two international law firms for a number of years.

Björn has a PhD in law (University of Heidelberg and New York University) and a postgraduate degree in international relations (University of London/London School of Economics), and holds several additional qualifications and certificates from renowned universities and other institutions. As the author of various articles and books, he regularly gives speeches and participates in panel discussions.

On a personal level, he champions climate change, promotes diversity and advocates for multilateralism, and is strongly engaged in various non-profit organisations, for example promoting education and European values.