Impact measurement and management (IMM) remains a significant challenge for social entrepreneurs around the world.

The EIB Institute and inFocus Consulting are partnering again in 2021 to offer the SIT Alumni 2020 cohort elearning courses on impact measurement and management (IMM)  that will help them to:

  • Measure social impact: monitor and evaluate the social change (outcomes and impact) generated from an activity, service or product
  • Manage social impact: unlock the potential of measuring outcomes and impact to improve and scale impact

The eLearning courses cover IMM topics in a fun and engaging way using videos, articles, interactive exercises and case-studies. Users also have the option to join forums and live tutorials to interact with experienced course tutors and other learners who are tackling societal issues, from around the world.

The three courses that are available have been designed by experienced IMM practitioners and experts in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh. Completing all three of the courses opens up ongoing professional development opportunities as an IMM Alumni, with free access to bimonthly advanced IMM webinars run by inFocus experts.

IMM Introduction
A brief introduction to the topic of IMM and why it is important. The course includes 2 hours of online content and the option to join a 90-minute group tutorial.

IMM Foundation
This course builds on the IMM Introduction to help organisations to understand and speak confidently about key IMM topics. The course includes 8 hours of online content and the option to join four 90-minute group tutorials across a 4 week period.

IMM Builder
This course builds on the IMM Foundation, taking users on an in-depth jorney into how to develop tools and processes needed within your own practical context, to effectively measure and manage impact. The course includes 20 hours of online content and the option to join eight 90-minute group tutorials.