Management support, a matching gifts programme and a network of coordinators are the key pillars of a successful volunteering corporate programme according to Sciences Po Masters students in the framework of a capstone project “Mapping Corporate Volunteering & Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes in International Financial Institutions and Private Corporations “.

In recent years, many companies have developed corporate volunteering programmes which have proven to be beneficial also for employers as 87% volunteers report an improved perception of their employer

82% feel more committed to the company and would recommend the company to others. Employees find volunteering activities to be beneficial for them as well, developing their time management, communication, influencing, decision-making and leadership skills.

For some years already, at the EIB Group a Volunteering Hub has been aiming to connect staff and retired staff supporting associations, NGOs and charities to staff wishing to engage in volunteering activities or donating money and/or goods.

This capstone project is the eleventh conducted by the EIB with students from Sciences Po. Click here for the presentation and here for the full list of capstones.