18 October to 7 December 2021 (online training)

Have you ever worked in a flow state, when you have been fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus? Finding the advantages of a state of flow is one of the many reasons why top universities are shaping new leaders with mindfulness programmes, positive psychology and a growth mindset.

The EIB Institute is organising an exclusive online training programme for the SIT Alumni Network on “Finding a flow state for your work” delivered by Kim van Niekerk, a top communication coach.

Kim van Niekerk has designed an online learning programme that will curate thinking from psychologists, coaches and neuroscientists.

You will join a group of ten participants on a journey of deep reflection and personal growth over eight weeks. Short daily exercises shared with a partner and ongoing coaching via a WhatsApp group will get you into and keep you in the “flow.”

This online training will be delivered from 18 October to 7 December in eight video tutorials and six live online sessions.

To see the complete schedule and to register, please follow the link.