The holders of the two EIB supported Climate Chairs, Shivsharan Someshwar, European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition at Sciences Po, and Jos Delbeke, EIB Climate Chair at the European University Institute, will be speaking at a conference on “Planetary governance for a sustainable recovery: Next Generation Multilateralism”, to be held online from 12 to 14 October to celebrate the 20th anniversary of IDDRI, a think tank.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated the long-standing challenges that global governance and international cooperation face. It has become clear that our international institutions are not sufficient to deal with these global challenges. However, the importance of international cooperation is being recognized at many different levels: national, regional, and international governmental actors, business and labour organisations and civil society.

The conference intends to provide an intellectual and pragmatic basis for analysing the strategies and opportunities for renewing multilateralism centred around sustainable development. It enables exchanges between Africa, Europe, and Asia and the Pacific in the morning, and with the Americas in the day.

Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships, Passy Mubalama,  AIDPROFEN, Izabella Teixeira, former Brazilian Minister of Environment, Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel, Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Ecological Transition, Spain, and Nicholas Stern, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, will be among the keynote speakers.

IDDRI is a Paris-based think tank aiming to facilitate the transition towards sustainable development.