Magrid, a programme launched at the University of Luxembourg Incubator to help teachers and students teach and learn maths, won the first prize in the General Category of the 10th edition of the Social Innovation Tournament (SIT), the flagship initiative of the Institute to recognise and support the best European social entrepreneurs, held in Lisbon and online on 7 October 2021.

Cellugy (ecoFLEXY), a Danish biotech startup tackling plastic pollution by replacing single-use plastics with 100% natural bio-cellulose, was awarded the first prize in the Special Category, dedicated to projects focusing on sustainable living.

The Institute for Inclusive Education (Germany) which develops educational offerings delivered by people with disabilities won the second prize in the General Category while, dedicated to projects focusing on sustainable living.

Orange Fiber, an Italian venture which produces patented sustainable fabrics from citrus fruit by-products to develop quality fabrics for the luxury fashion sector, won the second prize in the Special Category as well as the Audience Choice award.

Orange Fiber and Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish venture developing an innovative bladeless wind turbine were selected to attend the INSEAD Social entrepreneurship programme.

Fifteen finalists from nine European countries had been selected for the 10th edition of the tournament, out of an outstanding group of 280 candidates.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the tournament, the EIB Institute increased the prizes for this year’s winners. The General Category and the Special Category winners were awarded €75 000 and the runners-up €30 000. The winner of the Audience Choice Award received €10 000.

EIB Vice-President Ricardo Mourinho Félix, who presided the tournament, said: “These innovative projects will contribute to making the society we live in fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable. The EIB is the EU Bank. We support cohesion, climate action and innovation. We are more than a financier, we are a supporter of entrepreneurs, ideas and different expertise.”

In ten editions, close to 200 social entrepreneurs from over 30 countries have participated in the SIT, creating a vibrant community, the SIT Alumni.

Click here for the press release about the SIT 2020 final event and here for the booklet.