Europa Nostra, Europe’s leading NGO for the safeguarding of cultural heritage, is opening a new branch of its network – the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub – in Athens to develop and strengthen Europa Nostra’s activities in Greece, South East Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean and to involve civil society organisations in the protection of Europe’s heritage.

The establishment of the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub in the Greek capital will also contribute to addressing the key issue of the protection of housing in the historic centre of Athens, in relation to its urban fabric and its residents and implement best practices in the area of heritage preservation and in the implementation of the UNESCO Convention.

It is the result of a partnership between the municipality of Athens -Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis attended the opening ceremony on 1 June 2022- Europa Nostra and ELLINIKI ETAIRIA – Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage (ELLET).

Athens is the second city after Krakow (Poland) to join the Hub. Europa Nostra has its headquarters in The Hague while its European Liaison Office is based in Brussels.

This is part of Europa Nostra’s Strategic Plan: Horizon 2025, which defines the key role of cities and sets the direction for regional leaders in Europe’s heritage hubs as a catalyst for positive change based on sustainable development, social cohesion and climate action. In line with this ambition,

The Institute and Europa Nostra are partners notably in safeguarding cultural heritage under the 7 Most Endangered initiative.