The XVIth century Giusti Garden (Giardino Giusti), in Verona, one of the 7 Most Endangered 2021, is the first beneficiary of an EIB Heritage Grant, designed to help saving the threatened sites.

The grant of €10,000 will contribute to restoring the garden through selected replanting and reinforcing its resilience following extensive damage caused by three severe thunderstorms in 2020.

The garden dates back to 1570 and was planned by Count Agostino Giusti. It is one of the finest examples of a typical Tuscan Renaissance garden that has survived in its original form and still belongs to the same family. The extraordinary cultural significance of the Giusti Garden which is open to the public and attracts many visitors is mainly related to its Italian garden design and its features.

The storm of August 2020 and the impact of the Covid emergency over the period 2020-2021 have highlighted the garden’s vulnerability to external shocks and the need to protect it.

The technical report established by EIB experts proposes solutions to preserve the fragile beauty of the site and its historical and architectural values; and ensure its sustainability in the medium/long term.

The 7 ME programme is run by Europa Nostra – the European Voice of Civil Society committed to Cultural and Natural Heritage – in partnership with the EIB Institute and is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Among its missions, the EIB Institute facilitates the transfer of know-how and experience between different partners and countries in the heritage conservation field.