Virtual book tour with author Alex Budak and fireside chat with SIT Alumna Paulina Olsson, co-founder of Peppy Pals

Alex Budak puts his heart and soul into creating and teaching a transformational curriculum at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. His research and insights were published in his first book “Becoming a Changemaker”, released in September this year, becoming the #1 new release on Amazon for “Organizational Change.”

In “Becoming a Changemaker”, Alex Budak provides a fresh, inspiring and research-backed guide to developing the mindsets and leadership skills needed to navigate, shape and lead change, and make a positive impact in our lives, career and communities. Through a diverse series of case studies, and with brand new insights from his original research on the traits that the most successful changemakers have in common, Alex provides an actionable, inclusive guide for people of all backgrounds, levels, ages and industries to get unstuck and start leading change from wherever they are.

Joining him on this virtual book tour webinar for the EIB Institute will be Paulina Olsson, a member of the SIT Alumni and co-founder of Peppy Pals, one of the inspiring changemakers doing all kinds of incredible, impactful work in pursuit of positive change together.

Alex says, “I believe everyone has the potential to lead positive change”. Join us and find out how.

When: 17 November 2022 at 17:00 (CET)

Registrations are open: