The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, with more than 6.3 million people fleeing the country and a third of the population being displaced.

Eight months into the war, the need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine as well as further aid to the refugees across Europe for education, integration or work remains very high.

The EIB, through the EIB Institute is donating €95,000 for two projects.

The first project, receiving €50,000, is supporting the digital learning centre TUMO in Berlin. The donation is intended to support the rollout of the learning centre’s new IT learning programme for Ukrainian teenager refugees and employing Ukrainian refugee teachers, thus providing them with an income. Some 1 000 young people are taught – free of charge – digital techniques and skills from animation to robotics to 3D modelling every week after school. They also offer workshops about music, arts and photography, using the most advanced digital technology.

Created by the Simonian Foundation in Armenia, TUMO is an educational programme to teach 12-18 year-olds skills in the creative industries (filmmaking, programming, animation, game development, music, 3D modelling, graphic design) through 11 educational centres in seven countries worldwide. The EIB joins KfW – the German promotional bank –  which has donated EUR 75 000

A second donation of € 45 000 will go to All for Victory Charity Foundation, a Ukrainian NGO, to purchase 6 800 portions of pre-packaged, preserved meals, which will be delivered by the NGO to war-torn areas within Ukraine where people have little or no access to food. Since it was established in March 2022, the foundation has delivered more than 1,100 tons of humanitarian aid to civilians.

These donations follow an unprecedented humanitarian aid package of €2.5 million approved in March for seven international NGOs working within Ukraine and at the borders.