A new EIB course is starting this week at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) in the Netherlands with a first lecture given by the Head of the EIB Group Representation in the Netherlands to present the EIB Group.

Another lecture – on the EIB business cycle and activities in the Netherlands- will be held at The Hague and two lectures -on Compliance and Contractual documentation-  will be held in Luxembourg during a students visit.

The course involves third-year law students taking International Taxation, Banking and Financial Regulation minor and is co-organised by the International and European Law Programme of the Faculty of Public Management, Law and Safety at THUAS.

With five campuses in the Hague, Delft and Zoetermeer, THUAS offers more than 100 degree programmes to over 26,000 students from 140 different countries. THUAS has seven Centres of Expertise with a number of research groups conducting research in such areas as cyber security, digital operations and finance, global and inclusive learning, global governance, governance of urban transitions, health innovation and sustainable energy and renewable resources

Since 2009, The Hague University of Applied Sciences has been a UNESCO Associated School: a university that values international unity, tolerance and solidarity. It has 26 000 students of 124 nationalities.

It is the second Dutch university to partner with the EIB Institute following Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit.

The Institute organises and coordinates courses provided by EIB Group staff on the EIB’s Group role, missions and activities.

In 2022, 16 courses (75 lectures) at 13 universities were provided by EIB and EIF Staff. Courses were held at the University of Sofia, College of Europe Natolin, College of Europe Bruges, TU Dresden, Sapienza, Sciences Po, Bocconi, UCL, Università degli Studi di Bari and University of Luxembourg.  New courses were launched at the universities of Coimbra (Portugal) and Bucharest (Romania).

In 2022 the EIBI has also launched courses outside the European Union, with the first course held at EUROMED University of Fez (Morocco).