The EIB, through the EIB Institute (EIBI), has donated €500 000 to CARE Luxembourg for urgent humanitarian assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.

The donation will reduce food insecurity by providing some 16 500 people (or 3 275 households) living in shelters in Türkiye with ready-to-eat rations.

In northwest Syria, 1 600 people (320 households) will receive multipurpose cash assistance providing food baskets for close to two months, emergency water trucking for up to three months and emergency shelter or cash to buy tarpaulins/tents, as well as help with debris removal.

The devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake near the Türkiye-Syria border in the early hours of Monday 6 February 2023 was followed by another one nearly as strong. The earthquakes that struck Türkiye and Syria caused one of the biggest disasters to impact the region in recent times. More than 50 000 people have been killed and many more have been injured. Thousands of buildings have collapsed, leaving countless people exposed to unforgiving winter conditions. Schools and hospitals have been destroyed.

The earthquakes struck as the humanitarian crisis in northwest Syria was already at the highest level since the conflict began, with 4.1 million people relying on humanitarian assistance to subsist.

The EIB Institute regularly provides disaster relief grants and donates decommissioned IT equipment from the EIB.

In 2022, its donations supported populations impacted by the war in Ukraine, floods in Pakistan, an earthquake in Indonesia and a volcanic eruption in Tonga.

Photo: Sayed/AFP/Getty