The EIB Institute invites you to a webinar on mental health with a panel of speakers from The Mind Field. The webinar will focus on topics such as:

● Imposter Syndrome
● What effect childhood, parents and school life might have on how the participants approach life as adults
● Professional and Personal Loneliness
● Navigating hierarchy
● Gender issues

 About The Mind Field

The Mind Field provides online therapy for people living and working in the field; people who may experience stress or trauma from the nature of their work but don’t know where to turn; people who think that they don’t have a right to feel the way they do because the people they are aiding have it so much worse. Maybe it’s long-term stress that has led to burnout, maybe it’s an event that triggered anxiety or trauma, or maybe it’s loneliness. Whatever the reason, the Mind Field recognizes there is a need to provide accessible, flexible and confidential online therapy and mental wellness resources to people who help others.

When: 20 April, 17:00 (CEST)

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