The 20th annual conference of the European Microfinance Network — the highest-profile event on financial inclusion and microfinance in Europe — will be held in Paris from 14 to 16 June on the theme “Economy For the People,” taking a close look at entrepreneurship and how financial inclusion can better serve entrepreneurs.

The conference will put entrepreneurs at the very centre of the event.

Each session and workshop will be an opportunity to listen to their stories and draw lessons from those who run the local economy and find ways to thrive in a state of constant crisis.

Around 200 participants are expected from all over Europe and beyond, including representatives from European institutions, investors, microfinance institutions, non-governmental organisations and fintech experts.

The conference will also pay tribute to Maria Nowak, the founder of microfinance in Europe, who died last December.

Organised since 2004 and supported by the EIB Group since 2015, the conference is a major meeting on the sector’s agenda, bringing together players involved in European microfinance and financial inclusion.