Since the onset of the war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, many children have had to leave their homes and have been separated from their friends and loved ones.

They have witnessed acts of violence and destruction and undergone untold trauma.

UNICEF was one of the seven NGOs that benefited from an unprecedented EIB humanitarian aid package of €2.5 million rolled out in March 2022 to help the people affected by the war in Ukraine.

As the situation was very uncertain, the money did not fund a specific project. Instead, it went towards creating some of the many Blue Dot and Spilno hubs.

Strategically positioned in seven refugee-receiving countries, Blue Dots provide urgent support for refugees on the move and a beacon of safety where children can play and rest while their parents prepare for the onward journey. Overall, 40 UNICEF-UNHCR Blue Dot hubs and mobile teams have provided a safe space for 1.2 million refugees.

In Ukraine, Spilno (meaning “together” in Ukrainian) Child Spots were created as a safe haven for children caught in the middle of war. They provide services including access to protection, mental health and psychosocial support, water, healthcare, and educational and recreational activities. In total, over 300 Spilno Child Spots and outreach teams are providing integrated services for displaced children and their caregivers, reaching 3.2 million individuals, including 1.2 million children.

The EIB Institute coordinates the humanitarian donations made by the EIB Group.