German regional rail transport quality is good but facing serious challenges according to the first capstone project carried out by Master’s students from TU Dresden on “German regional rail transport: between hope and failure”.

Rail represents only 3% of passengers trips and is planned to grow close to 4% by 2030, students found out. However financial barriers and the current state of infrastructure remain problematic in view of growing challenges such as demographic change, the impact of COVID-19, staff availability, competition from other transport modes…

Car will continue to dominate the mobility sector in 2030 and in order to attract more passengers train transport needs to be cheaper in relative terms compared to other transport modes and take all variables into account (duration, full train/empty train, working AC/heating, cleanliness, etc.)

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Capstones are student consultancy projects in which teams of four to six Masters’ students work on topics chosen and supervised by an EIB Group staff.