Through the EIB Institute, the EIB has provided emergency humanitarian aid to help the victims of the Malawi’s deadliest ever outbreak of cholera by donating €250 000 to three water boards, in southern and northern Malawi together with the Lilongwe water board.

The EIB donation will help finance emergency humanitarian aid provided by the water boards. It includes replacing water pumps, setting up water kiosks, water disinfection, repairing existing infrastructure, helping with the relocation of affected populations, educating the impacted communities…

In March 2023, Malawi was hit by persistent heavy rains and flash floods caused by Tropical Cyclone Freddy. This led to massive damage to housing and infrastructure and exacerbated an ongoing cholera outbreak as this disease predominantly affects the very poor, people without access to safe water and means for proper sanitation.

Cholera has spread to all 29 districts of Malawi, and as of 4 June 2023, 58,821 cases and 1,761 deaths had been registered.

Children have been heavily affected with more than 14,000 children contracting the disease and over 219 deaths.

The Institute regularly provides grants for disaster relief.