Cultural heritage is key to our European identity. Without it, economic growth would be meaningless. It has a cohesive power that connects European people and communities.

Over the past 10 years, as this new publication highlights, the 7 Most Endangered programme has been helping European communities save historical sites.

The programme combines the cultural expertise of Europa Nostra, the largest and most representation heritage network in Europe,  with the technical appraisal and rescue-planning skills of the European Investment Bank.

“The purpose of the 7ME programme is not only to save sites. It is to bring people together, at local and regional levels, to figure out the best way to save our tangible and our intangible heritage” writes Shiva Dustdar, Director, Head of the EIB Institute.

The programme raises awareness and finds solutions to safeguard a wide range of endangered monuments and sites across Europe, close to 60 of them since 2012.

This publication highlights the success stories and the importance of partnerships and community engagement.