On 23 November, Shiva Dustdar, Director of the EIB Institute will take part in the Big Conversation, a debate marking the opening of the 2023 European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) Impact Week in Torino (Italy).

In a panel moderated by Leslie Johnston, Laudes Foundation, Shiva, Jean-Philippe Courtois (Microsoft), Hans Stegeman (Triodos Bank), will share their insights about the ways for impact capital providers to work against the global forces of division -war, economic nationalism, social unrest and cultural strife- and foster collective impact action to accelerate and scale change.

On the same day, during the Impact Heroes Pitches, Luisa Ferreira, Head of the Institute’s social programme, together with Filipe Santos, Dean of Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, will present 10 top impact enterprises –CELLUGY, Cokido, Dreamwaves, LONGTIME Label, imagi, Jelly Drops, mjn-neuro, Orange Fiber s.r.l, Resortecs and Tucuvi– all alumni of the Social Innovation Tournament, the flagship initiative of the Institute.

From a patented process to transform citrus juice by-products into yarns and textiles to  helping old people stay at home by using artificial intelligence, speakers for the ten start-ups from eight countries will share their experience and projects, seeking to attract investments — funding, network contacts, additional resources — that will help them scale the impact of their ventures.

EVPA Impact Week is a unique opportunity for the global community of investing for impact changemakers to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new trends and engage with partners, old and new, to maximise their impact for people and the planet.

It brings together a committed community whose mission is accelerating positive change for people and planet.

At Impact Week, more than 1,000 people and organisations from across the continuum of capital can find goals in common, connect and collaborate. It sets the stage for unexpected perspectives and innovative breakthroughs in impact finance, necessary to accelerate the journey, scale up what works and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together.