Zhenia Stepanenko (Ukraine, 27) has an artistic practice that combines her personal experiences with speculations and mystifications on contemporary society in though-provoking and interactive installations. She develops her artworks through different media, ranging from traditional crafts she learned thanks to her grandmother to digital media. Recently, Zhenia’s research and works have focused on bringing attention to the War in Ukraine and its consequences on society.

The EIB’s Arts & Culture Programme responds to global issues in real time through the lens of art. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was decided to complement the EIB Group’s wide-ranging action by offering support to the Ukrainian cultural sector through the sponsorship of an additional Ukrainian ADP laureate. Zhenia was selected from a pool of applicants who had responded to the geographic call for applications targeting nationals of EU Candidate Countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Türkiye and Ukraine).