Everything you’ve always wanted to know about cultural heritage but were afraid to ask is now available online thanks to a new digital heritage library and policy monitor just launched by the European Heritage Hub.

The library is a digital repository of heritage-related materials. It aims to broaden knowledge of existing heritage actions, facts, and figures and encourage the exchange of best practices beyond borders and offers access to a vast pool of resources, ranging from research papers, articles and case studies to audio-visual content.

A filter system and search bar help users navigate content in the database, which includes multilingual documents linked to heritage across the European continent. Materials can be downloaded or found in their original source.

Content is categorised under five overarching themes: Green transition; Digital transition; Inclusion & accessibility; Heritage Preservation and International Cultural Relations.

You can also submit your content to be uploaded to the Heritage Library. All documents will be reviewed by the European Heritage Hub before publication to ensure content provided is correct and they are of interest to our audience.

The European Heritage Hub Policy Monitor maps out policies impacting cultural and natural heritage across European, national and local level. It goes beyond data collection, aiming to analyse, observe trends, and identify gaps across the policy and regulatory environment.

The European Heritage Hub is an EU funded pilot project led by Europa Nostra which brings together heritage stakeholders and initiatives across Europe to support the transition towards a more sustainable, digital and inclusive society.

The Institute partners with Europa Nostra, the largest and most representative heritage network in Europe, and the leading organisation of the European Heritage Hub, notably under the 7 Most Endangered Programme (7ME).