Eight social innovators together with EIB Institute Director Shiva Dustdar will be present at the seventh edition of ChangeNOW, an international summit held in Paris from 25 to 27 March to present concrete climate change solutions. EIB and EIF colleagues will also participate in the event.

On 25 March at 3:00 PM, Shiva Dustdar will speak in a panel on “Nurturing an ecosystem of change” and from 5:30 to 6:00 PM Edina Csanyi will be jury member of the Education pitch session.

Then on 26 March at 3:00 PM, eight SIT alumni (Fibsen, Mycotex, Newcy, Plastic Fri, Resortecs, Rosi, Seads, Vortex Bladeless) will pitch their impactful solutions to investors illustrating how innovative technological ventures  contribute to the circular economy and fighting the impact of climate change in very different areas:

  • ROSI offers innovative recycling solutions for solar panels and Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish venture, has developed an innovative bladeless wind turbine
  • In water, SEADS (Italy) has come up with solutions to collect and recycle plastic from rivers before they reach the sea and Fibsen (Spain) has developed new water management models that address the pressing issue of water scarcity
  • In fashion and textiles MycoTEX (Netherlands) is creating garments using vegan textile produced from mycelium, a mushroom, and Belgian company Resortecs is making industrial scale textile recycling easier.
  • In circular economy, Plasticfri, a Swedish startup, transforms renewable resources (agricultural waste and specific non-edible plants) into a 100% recyclable biomaterial that looks and works like conventional plastics and Newcy, a French company offers a turnkey service for reusable cup.

ChangeNOW, supported by the EIB Institute, brings together the most innovative solutions and impactful changemakers tackling our planet’s biggest challenges and builds bridges between the entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy-makers to accelerate change.