An Investors’ Fair unlike any other





The Investors’ Fair is a yearly event that allows social entrepreneurs looking for financing, whether start-ups or firms seeking further development, to pitch their projects to investors, be they business angels, impact investors or equity funds.

The candidates are selected from among the finalists in the EIB Institute’s Social Innovation Tournament. They are given the opportunity to attend a mentoring workshop on pitching skills in preparation for the Fair.

The Investors’ Fair is a great opportunity to bring together social innovators/entrepreneurs and investors active in Europe. Impact investing, albeit growing, is still at an early age in Europe and social entrepreneurs are often in need of support to bring the two sides together.

As part of the EIB Group, the Institute can benefit from synergies with the EIF, which is in a favourable position to attract investors.

The first Investors’ Fair took place in 2015 in Luxembourg. The 2016 Investors’ Fair took place in December in Lisbon on the occasion of the first SIT impact bootcamp.