The Artists’ Development Programme is an innovative creative platform offering emerging artists (under the age of 35) a four-week residency programme in Luxembourg under the guidance of an established mentor in their discipline (visual arts) and guiding them to appropriate public art fora.

The Institute offers them the opportunity to develop their artistic practice without any material contingency during the period of the project. It also enables them to produce high quality work that comfortably fits alongside the work of more experienced artists in the collection. For the artist, such parallels are an important motivation and challenge, which has borne fruit in this case.

The programme has two angles, geographic and thematic. Each year the geographic programme shifts its focus within the EU, but consistently emphasises artists from countries under-represented in the EIB art collection. The thematic focus addresses current strategic priorities of the EIB – sustainable development and climate action.

Leading British artist Callum Innes will be the mentor of the 2017 and 2018 edition.

Leading British artist Darren Almond was the mentor of the 2016 edition which saw Chiara Bugatti, 25, from Italy, the duo of spatial practitioners Cooking Sections -Daniel Fernàndez Pascual, from Spain, and Alon Schwabe, from Germany, both 31-, Astrid Myntekær, 31, from Denmark and Johan Österholm, 33, from Sweden- being selected.

Astrid Myntekær, and Johan Österholm, were selected under the ADP’s geographic programme which emphasises the work of artists from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Chiara Bugatti was selected under the thematic programme , “The Imprint of man- representing the anthropocene” and Cooking Sections was selected under a new category: “Water and ocean preservation”. Their works were unveiled at the end of their residency.

Markus Hoffmann, Aaron Bezzina, and Fatma Çiftçi, were the three artists selected in 2015.

The renowned Polish conceptual artist Miroslav Balka was the mentor of the first two editions.

Artists’ Development Programme 2014

Artists’ Development Programme 2013